Innovation Changes The Advertising Industry For Mullen Lowe’s Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi, the CEO of the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency, has recently been making his views clear on the way technology is changing the global economy in a way that is seeing the top global businesses in the world change on a regular basis. Starting his career as a writer with Standard Ogilvy led to the establishment of Borghi’s own ad agency that has since become one of the top companies in Brazilian advertising; working with Mullen Lowe has allowed Borghi to explore the many different ways technology is making changes to the global economy and the way customers view an individual company.

In his recent writings and interviews Jose Borghi has discussed the many changes that have taken place in the technological world over the last few years; the winner of a number of Cannes Golden Lion’s has explained technological breakthroughs have been arriving at a fast rate of numerous advances each decade. Borghi points back to the 20th century when increases in technological advances were limited to small changes made every few decades, which made it easier for companies to integrate these changes into their marketing strategies over a prolonged period of time.

The CEO of the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency has gone on to explain the changing technological advances of the modern world have made it difficult for companies to retain their place in the top global companies in the world. Modern customers are now looking to be consistently engaged by customers at the top of their industries and those that are looking to grow a powerful following; in general, Jose Borghi believes the companies will move up and down the list of top global companies, meaning those with a strong advertising budget and powerful social media presence will continue to rise to positions of global power. for more.

The Second Edition of Inspiration by Israel Video Competition – The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

Following the success of the first, “Inspired by Israel” video competition, Adam and Gila Milsten foundation has recently released particulars of this year’s contest. The once a year completion details were released in collaboration with the 12Tribe Film Foundation. Aired on, the completion requires competing parties to present clips that will enlighten, captivate and inspire the public about Israel. An overall amount of $20,000 has been set aside for cash prize awards for the winners. The $20,000 also includes the principal award of $8,000.

Adam expressed that the competition presents an expressive and compelling channel to exhibit Israel’s incredible people, locations and innovations. It will bring up an avenue for people of diverse origins, religions and ages to share how they derive inspiration from Israel. The contesting videos will be subjected to public voting after which the leading ten awards will be decided by a tribunal of several independent experts. The deadline for registration is on the 1st of February 2017 and the clips expected to be presented not later than 6th of March. The voting by the public will commence on March 20th and will proceed up to 29th of the same month. The winners of the contest will then be revealed on 30th April.

The man behind this project is one Adam Milstein. Adam was born in 1952 to Israeli parents Eva and Hillel Milstein. He is an Israeli-American real estate investor, a father of two daughters and a co-founder together with his wife Gila Elgrably, of the Adam and Gila Milsten Family foundation. The foundation promotes the enlightenment of scholars and youth professionals on the culture, pride and general facts about Israel with the aim of helping these young people to appreciate and associate with their Jewish culture and origins.

Adam is a co-founder and member to several Jewish organizations and networks. He serves in different capacities in these organizations and is the current national chairman of the Israeli-American council. He has also been mentioned by several media platforms for his philanthropic quest. He was included in last year’s, “Top 100 people positively contributing to Hebrew life”.