Doe Deere Cat Warrior | Kitty Bundles Hit the Streets 2017

The Owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is branching out to help the welfare of thousands of cats in the Los Angeles area. This year, Kitty Bundles filled with her best Unicorn, Diamond Crusher and Velveteen products will be offered up at a 20% donation from each bundle purchase. Learn more:


Who is Doe Deere?

In case some readers don’t know, Doe Deere is a makeup mogul. She is a millennial that branched out into the world and didn’t know she would become all that she is. She created Lime Crime out of personal necessity. She began as a seamstress for her own bold and unique clothing line. She couldn’t find makeup sufficient enough for her fashion creations so she did what she does best and took the bull by the horns. She then created her own line which ended up being called Lime Crime in the end and is still going strong.


About the Cat Rescue


The cat rescue is called Kitty Bungalow. It’s a charm school for wayward cats so it’s got a lot more than you ordinary pet rescue. Most places pigeon hole an animal into categories. Typically, it’s whether they can be social with other animals, children and people. They are then put up for adoption or unfortunately destroyed.


The Kitty Bungalow Difference


We can understand why a philanthropist like Doe Deere would decide to donate 20% of Kitty Bundle profits for ( These lucky cats will get the training they need to go from feral and scared of people to learning several much needed things.


  • How to use a little box
  • How to be comfortable being handled
  • How to trust


This is only scraping the tip of the iceberg. These cats graduate charming, and cuddly. The new owner in their forever home is getting a great cat that is already ready for a home that is loving and will be comfortable caring for them.

This is one awesome cause and it takes care of the issues that face feral cats that are routinely taken and destroyed when rehabilitation is what is necessary. Learn more:


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega 101

Mexico and Media

Mexico’s media was traditionally dominated by its Televisa group with firm links to its long-governing Institutional Revolutionary Party – PRI. Yet the loosening of PRI’s hold has led to greater editorial independence through the emergence of competitors. This Televisa once had virtual monopolies in Mexican TV and is still a major supplier of programs in Spanish. New players – like the Azteca group and its foreign satellite or cable operators – have recently mounted assaults on Televisa’s dominance. This radio market is quite large, with approximately 1,400 local and regional spots and numerous major station-owning groups. A few high-powered stations on the northern border have beamed into lucrative U.S. markets.

Mexican newspapers reflect varied political views as sensationalism characterizes the best-selling dailies. Reporters Without Borders – or RSF – describes Mexico as the hemisphere’s most dangerous country for the media. Since 2000, multitudes of journalists have been murdered there. Drug cartels and corrupt officials are traced in most crimes of violence against these journalists, which nearly always go unpunished, according to watchdogs.

Mexico’s one of Latin America’s greatest internet markets. 51 million internet users existed in mid-2015 – a 41-percent penetration rate since. Facebook’s the most popular social network there.

The Big Presses

  1. Excelsior – established daily
  2. La Jornada – daily
  3. Reforma – influential daily
  4. El Universal – established daily
  5. El Sol de Mexico – daily
  6. El Financiero – business daily
  7. Siempre! – political weekly
  8. Proceso – weekly


Televisa, Mexico’s TV giant, runs four networks and owns many other local affiliates.

TV Azteca, Televisa’s main competitor, operates two networks and other local stations.

Once TV is a public, educational, and cultural competitor. Television Metropolitana is a government-owned competitor.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, a Mexican executive leader, is well known in his country. He has innovated. He has created. He has renovated.

He has even re-created. Noriega is a very intelligent man. In fact, he must be. Not anyone can serve as Executive VP of Grupo Televisa.