A General Insight about Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the head of National Steel Car. He is also the Chairman and president of the company. Currently, the company is renowned in railroad car manufacturing. The firm is situated in Hamilton, Ontario.

Greg J Aziz was born in the year 1949, in London. He studied at Ridley College School before majoring in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He unified with his family to run an enterprise, Affiliated Foods, after education. The company grew for over 16 years to become a global importer of fresh edibles from Europe and South America. The company ensured circulation of fresh food across US and Canada.

Greg Aziz managed to purchase National Steel Car in 1994. This was facilitated by the experience he had gained while working in different investment banking opportunities. Aziz had a dream of making National Steel Car the most competitive manufacturing company in North America. At the time of purchase, the company expanded its manufacturing potential from 3,500 cars annually to 12,000 cars. The rate of employment also grew tremendously from about 600 to 3,000 by 1999. This was achieved due to its massive investment in human, capital, teamwork, and company’s great engineering capabilities.

Greg Aziz has achieved much with his National Steel cars today. His relentless efforts in expanding the company have made it the leading company in manufacturing of innovative cars and building of railroad freight cars in the US. It is the only company certified by ISO, 2008, in North America. Due to its unbroken record of holding this title for the last 18 years, the company has been re-certified and numerously rewarded with the TTX SECO. This is the highest quality reward since 1996.

Greg gives some solid reasons as to why the company has remained unbeaten in the industry for decades as highlighted below. He believes that the cornerstone of the company is the society and human force. The works are oriented to deliver diverse, innovative, and quality products. The company is always challenging itself and relentlessly pursuing unmatched excellence in the industry. Go To This Page for additional information.


Gregory Aziz is a humanitarian and a philanthropist who has initiated projects to give back to the community. National Steel Car has sponsored various local charities in Hamilton. These donations include sponsoring of the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, Theater Aquarius, and the United Way. Also, thousands of employees, children, and locals attend the National Steel Car Christmas party held annually. Greg and his wife are major contributors of Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.

Gregory Aziz Made National Steel Car More Successful

In the 1800s, the invention of the railroad revolutionized human civilization. Finally, people could ship their goods to far away markets for cheaper prices. This was especially useful for people who wanted to ship perishable things such as vegetables. Economies really grew because of the presence of railroads. Obviously, railroads have played a very important role in the development of our modern, global, industrialized society. Still, railways provide the vital services of shipping much needed supplies all around the world—along with trucks, airplanes, helicopters and whatever else. A company that has been a major player in the development of our civilization was National Steel Car. National Steel Car has been operating for more than a century. The company is based in Canada. National Steel Car is a company that creates and produces rail cars for carrying freight. The company is still around, though it is now owned by different people.


In 1994, a man named Gregory James Aziz purchased the company with the goal in mind of building it up and making it even better. Through teamwork, engineering know-how, a lot of investment and Gregory J. Aziz’s guidance, National Steel Car became wildly successful. In 1994, the year when Greg Aziz purchased the company, the number of cars that National Steel Car produced was 3,500. Five years later, in 1999, the company was producing about 12,000 cars. Greg Aziz’s leadership had also lead to the addition of many more jobs. The number of employees in 1994 was 600, while the number of employees in 1999 was 3,000. See This Article for related information.




National Steel Car doesn’t just produce award winning freight cars and bask in the light of its own success. The company understands that it has a huge social responsibility. Because of this understanding of social responsibility, National Steel Car gives to charities and does clothing drives.


The CEO of the company, Greg Aziz sponsors a huge agricultural fair in Canada called Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Greg Aziz majored in Economics in college. The colleges that he attended include Ridley University and the University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he went to work in his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods was a wholesale foods company. As Greg Aziz worked there over the course of 16 years, the company became a major international company. He moved to New York to do investment banking deals during the 1980s and 1990s. Eventually, in the early mid-1990s, he bought National Steel Car.

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Gregory Aziz is a renowned result oriented entrepreneur

The History of Gregory James Aziz:

Greg Aziz was born in London in the late 1940s. He attended the Ridley College before majoring in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. With a dream to grow his career, he joined and took up a role in their family business which dealt with the distribution of food products. Affiliated Foods, which later became a renowned distributor of food produce, was where he started off. He later saw a need to advance in his career and it is when he took up an investment banking position in New York City. He later bought the National Steel Company, NSC, where he is currently the Chief Executive Officer.


NSC Ownership:

For over 10 decades, the National Steel Company has been in the business of manufacturing railway cars. James Aziz took up the chance of owning this company when he started negotiations with Dofasco. The negotiations emerged a success and he was able to own the Canadian Company in 1994. The company has since grown under his leadership and become the leader of the manufacture of railway car freight in North America.


NSC Growth:

Greg James Aziz had a mission of making NSC the largest railway freight company in North America and he did just that. He invested a lot of resources into the business to make it perform as it was intended to. He went a further step and expanded his labor force in order to maximize its returns. In just 5 years, NSC through the leadership of Greg J. Aziz was close to tripling its manufacture of railway cars and his workforce had grown five times more. The technology for this company had also been advanced and was showing great results. Read More on This Page.


NSC Performance

National Steel Car is now the leader of the railway car manufacturing in its area. It is the only company that has managed to achieve the certification, ISO 9001:2008, for almost 20 years in a row. Furthermore, it has won the highest quality TTX SECO award continuously since mid-1990s. With their strong belief in respecting their history and working towards their future with constant determination, they have managed to keep up the leading position in the industry. The company is constantly rising to a new challenge and setting higher bars for themselves to make sure they are staying at the top. The services and products they offer their clients are exemplary. The excellent service has kept their clients happy and constantly coming back for more.

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Why Gregory James Aziz is one of the Most Influential People in the Canadian Business Realm

Gregory James Aziz, popularly known as Greg Aziz, is a Canadian businessperson and executive. He is also the CEO, president, and board chair of one of the leading manufacturers of freight cars, National Steel Cars. The engineering and manufacturing company has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Early Life and Education


Mr. Greg Aziz was born in one of the developed towns of Ontario, Canada known as London. He schooled at Ridley College before enrolling for an undergraduate Economics degree at the University of Western Ontario. Greg James Aziz was passionate about doing business at a young age. After school, he became part of his family wholesale business known as Affiliated Foods.

Business Career


Affiliated Foods laid the foundation for Greg’s business career. Within its sixteen years of operation, the company grew to become a global distributor of fresh foods. Most of the National Steel’s clients were from the U.S. and the Eastern Canada. Affiliated Foods imported its fresh foods from Central America, South America, and Europe.


After being introduced to the business world during his tenure at Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz decided to venture into the banking world. He worked for several banking institutions for ten years. Using the knowledge and experience that he earned from the banking world, he negotiated the purchase of Affiliated Foods from Dofasco back in 1994. His goal was to help in enabling National Steel Cars to excel in the North American freight car market.

National Steel Cars


At the time, National Steel Cars was under the ownership of Dofasco, the company only engineered and manufactured 3,500 cars per year. After the purchase, Greg James Aziz worked with other staff of the firm to foster its engineering and team-building activities. As CEO and president, Greg and his team achieved this goal by sensitizing on human and capital investment. Visit This Page for additional information.


Today, National Steel Cars engineers and manufactures over 12,000 freight cars in a year. The firm’s professional team also comprises of about 3,000 employees. National Steel Cars was certified ISO 9001:2008. The firm has been the recipient of the TTX SECO award for maintaining the highest quality of standards in its engineering and manufacturing processes.



Greg is happily married to Irene. The couple is known for supporting the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is one of the most popular agricultural fairs in Canada. As CEO of National Steel Cars, Greg James Aziz oversees the firm’s philanthropic activities. Beneficiaries of the company’s philanthropic support include the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and the United Way.


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Gregory Aziz, the Entrepreneurial Genius

It is passionate and dedicated people that impact the society with amazing life changing inventions. This is exactly what Gregory James Aziz has been able to accomplish as the Chairman, President as well as the CEO of the renown National Steel Car. This is a great company that is a world leader in railroad freight car engineering as well as manufacturing and is located in Ontario, Canada. Gregory Aziz has seen to it that the company lives to its commitment of producing high quality, innovative products for their clients.


Gregory Aziz was born in the beautiful city of London, Ontario in the year 1949, where he had a great upbringing that prepared him for the great successes he has acquired today. He later got enrolled at Ridley College where he successfully completed his course. He thereafter joined the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics. This rich educational background only saw to it that he succeeded as an entrepreneur later on. He also had a chance at acquiring great entrepreneurial skills from his family’s food business.


This company did very well and had a consistent growth over a period of many years importing fresh foods from Central America, Europe as well as South America. These food products were then distributed to fresh food wholesale markets across Eastern Canada as well as the United States. Greg James Aziz would later on organize the buying of National Steel Car in the year 1994. His goal was to be able to turn this company into one of the greatest and leading railroad freight car producer.


Gregory Aziz was able to successfully mobilize the company’s human capital, ensuring that their great team building traits were utilized for the benefit of the company’s growth. In addition to which the great engineering capabilities of the company were exploited to the point of seeing exponential growth to this company. This great resilience by the able leadership of National Steel Car has seen to it that it leads as the best new car innovator company.

The building capacity of this company increased tremendously over the years, in such a manner that they were able to feed the increasing demand of their clients. It is evident that National Steel Car is a trendsetter in this manufacturing field as they have worn many awards over the years. This company showcases what resilience can be able to achieve for any company out there.

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