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Treating Cancer at Tempus Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky who is the founding member of Groupon and the most influential figure in Chicago has decided to donate dollars towards cancer curing and research. Chicago is now aware that since Lefkofsky left his role as the Chief Executive Officer at Groupon he is now working for Tempus a healthcare facility, Tempus is currently

Drink Healthy & Drink Ethically: Waiakea Volcanic Water

Are you a big drinker of water? Have you ever heard of a bottled-water brand by the name of Waiakea? Well, this brand is rather new, especially when it’s being compared to brands such as Nestle Pure, Poland Spring, Dasani, or Aquafina. Unlike the previous brands that are mentioned, Waiakea water has a high pH

InnovaCare Health Leading Force in Providing Medical Care to Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is leading the charge to help provide health care services┬áto Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.   InnovaCare Health runs Medicare Advantage health plans collectively known as┬áMedicare y Mucho Mas (MMM). These plans are some of the largest ones operating in Puerto Rico. MMM operates out of a storefront in Plazas

Osteo Relief Institute Guides Patients Through Osteoarthritis

The Osteo Relief Institute is located in Wall Township New Jersey. The goal of the institute is to help patients manage their pain and live a healthy and productive life. The Osteo Relief Institute has a team of skilled physicians that provide effective treatment for the knee.   Physicians prefer to offer patients nonsurgical knee