Plan a Stress-Free Party with Twenty-Three Layers

In a recent HGTV article, event planner and blogger Camille Styles shares her stress-free party planning tips. Her first secret is to start organizing as early as possible and to keep a checklist going right up until party time. Second, she suggests creating a series of lists including guests, shopping, and to-dos to keep yourself organized. Her third tip is to create a theme for your event. This theme will guide your decisions for food, decor, and entertainment.


Styles then suggests sending out real paper invitations in lieu of e-vites. This sets the tone for the event and helps build guests’ excitement. Her next tip is to save money on staff by offering a self-serve bar. This idea is always a hit with guests! On the other hand, she suggests creating a signature cocktail that fits the party theme as a fun and festive treat. As an alternative to a traditional dinner, Styles suggests offering a wide array of simple yet delicious appetizers. This gives the party a less formal feel and allows guests to try lots of different foods.


If you’re hosting young guests, Styles suggests setting up a kids’ table complete with coloring supplies. She notes that for the adult table, simple yet elegant table settings are just as beautiful as a grand tablescape. Her next tip is to stay relaxed so your guests will feel at ease, too. Finally, Styles says you should gift guests with a small themed favor as they depart.


If you still can’t stomach the idea of planning a party on your own, check out Twenty-Three Layers. They are one of the most hip event planning companies in NYC, working only with the most up-and-coming vendors to make your event unforgettable. They take care of every step of the planning process so you can relax and enjoy your event. From entertainment and venue selection to catering and floral arrangements, Twenty-Three Layers organizes every detail of your event. While they are great for baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties, they are also known as one of the best corporate event planners in NYC, too.

Planning The Perfect Event With Twenty Three Layers

There are many ways to plan a party. Parties are based on the individual. You are responsible for determining how a party should go. With this being said, you may find it difficult to plan the perfect party. The first step in planning a party is not to think of it as the “perfect party”. Nothing is entirely perfect, so if you look to plan a perfect party, you may be disappointed if everything does not work out. Organization is key when planning a party or a corporate event. You have to be organized when coming up with different aspects of your event. You need to stay on top of everything that is going on, so being organized is very important. A big way to start the organization process is to create lists. List are great because they keep all of the important things in your mind at all times. There are a few lists you should create for your event.


Guest List and Vendor List


A guest list is vital to the success of a party. You want to keep track of everyone that has rsvp’ed to the event. You also want to make sure that they right people are being escorted into the venue. You should have two guest lists: a general guest list and a final guest count. A general guest list is a list of al of the people that you want to invite. These people haven’t received an invitation yet but they are the ones you want at the party. A final guest count is a list that consists all of the people that have received invitations and have rsvp’ed to the event. Another key list is a vendor list. A vendor list keeps track of all of the vendors that you are hiring for your party. The vendors that you will include on your list is the caterer, the florist, and the entertainment.


Twenty Three layers are corporate event planners in NYC. Their team is highly knowledgeable about everything party related. They can work with any budget and they are able to do the work for you. Twenty Three Layers are event planners in NYC that can hire the caterers, the entertainment, the A/V team, and book the venue. If you are looking for event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers should be first on your list.