What Freedom Checks Are And Similarities To Trump Bonus Checks

Two recent opportunities to build wealth have come up that offer some very high earnings, and unfortunately some skeptics believe they are scams. But both are actually legitimate investments that two experts at Agora Financial and its sister company Banyan Hill have uncovered. They are Trump bonus checks and freedom checks, though both are known as checks only because you can receive the dividends they pay in mailed checks. The Trump checks got their name because the man who writes about them, Mike Burnick of Agora Financial uncovered a way to invest in companies set to benefit from the president’s policies, and he especially recommends them to military veterans.

Freedom checks also benefit in a way from the Trump administration’s policies, only they are called by their name because they are part of a move to end dependency on foreign oil. Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill discovered freedom checks during his research into natural resource companies and different investments that can be found in that field. He’s always verified his findings by traveling to see them firsthand, and he’s had experience working with some of the world’s top geologists. There are some companies in the oil industry that he found out about known as master limited partnerships (MLPs) which have slightly different ways they operate than regular corporations.

They pay 90℅ of their income to investors, and many of these MLPs are in the midst of big mining and fracking booms which are set to see over $34 billion in returns paid in dividends, and that’s why Badiali is telling investors to go get their freedom checks now. So how do you find a freedom check? Badiali explains that a little more in his newsletters, but you can typically buy them the way you would any other investment by going on public trading platforms. Did you also know that a freedom check is also tax exempt? You pay no taxes because it is considered to be a return on capital and not income, and if you sell it you only pay the lower capital gains tax rate. To find out more about freedom checks, go to: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2018/07/02/curious-about-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/

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