Treating Cancer at Tempus Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky who is the founding member of Groupon and the most influential figure in Chicago has decided to donate dollars towards cancer curing and research. Chicago is now aware that since Lefkofsky left his role as the Chief Executive Officer at Groupon he is now working for Tempus a healthcare facility, Tempus is currently working hard to build a healthcare facility in order to automate and modernize treatment of cancer. Eric’s daily routine work in the Tempus is not clear and he did not respond to any comment or email requests.

However, according to the website of Tempus, he is helping the healthcare professionals and doctors to make wise treatment decisions, to make enough money and to analyze methods that will help doctors to understand client’s behaviour and tumour. Tempus is collecting and analyzing genomic data by use of proprietary algorithms and statistical analysis in uncovering opportunities that can assist a doctor to provide personalized and more precise medication. The data collected by Tempus helps doctors in developing a better health and care plan for treating cancer patients. Tempus specializes in treating lungs, breast, pancreatic and other types of chronic cancer.

According to a statement by Tempus officials, the firm has 29 employees only including Lane who is a former managing director at HighGround company and Saldanha who is a former manager at Trustwave. Eric and his family have been contributing a lot toward this firm. Through their family foundation, they have managed to donate more than $ 1.5 million for the last one yea Lefkofsky works as a trustee for Lurie hospital in Chicago.Back in the year 2013, Lepkowski decided to be a member of the giving pledge where he donated half of his wealth to philanthropy. In conclusion, Lefkofsky decided to retire from the office as the CEO of Groupon and he was replaced by Williams back in November 2015.


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