The Infinity Group Australia Ranked as Top 100 Most Innovative Company

The Australian Finance Review (ARF) has ranked The Infinity Group Australia as top 100 most innovative company in the whole of New Zealand and Australia. Infinity Group Australia was launched in 2013 by Graeme Holm together with his co-founder Rebecca Walker. Not only does the company help Australians to reduce debt, but also manage their personal finances as well as secure their future.



The ARF publishes the prestigious list annually. The list is the only of its kind nationally and its reputation has found its way across the borders.



Inventium is a leading consultancy firm in Australia given the mandate to compile the list under the oversight of industry experts. The submissions were assessed and rated according to the following guidelines:


  • The problem a company is trying to solve
  • The uniqueness of the solution
  • Its applicability in the real world
  • Innovation


That is among the reasons why the list is coveted and valued by many people across Australia.



Infinity Group Australia is out to help ordinary people manage their debts. According to Graeme Holm, he came up with the idea of changing the way the Australian loan works because of the long period of time that people spend repaying their loans. They give you guidance and support throughout the loan journey. He emphasized the importance of assigning a client a financial coach for financial guidance.



Having said that, the Infinity Group Australia holds the hands of their clients and currently, they have managed to make their clients repay a 30 years loan in 7 years in average. This is accomplished by assigning a banker to clients to help them repay their loans within a minimum period of time possible. In addition, they provide them with performance reports, detailed reviews as well as assisting them develop and maintain budgets to give them a chance to succeed.



Holm spoke during the award giving ceremony said that the budgetary platform has enabled them offer better services to their clients. Furthermore, he was thankful to his team for working together tirelessly to see the company succeed. Graeme Holm has been recognized by MPA Top 100 as well as acquired best Customer Service Management with IQPC.



Infinity Group Australia reviews, according to Holm, is dedicated to ensure success by creating a strong relationship with you based on integrity, care, passion as well as trust. They hold the view that families have been offered a raw deal by Australian financial institutions and they are out to fix this, one home at a time. Learn more:


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