Paul Mampilly – Broadening his Investments Strategies and Skills

Paul Mampilly boasts of being a successful American investor and an ex-hedge fund manager. He has featured on the most prominent magazines, journals and TV stations giving ideas on various investments opportunity globally. Paul Mampilly has embraced his financial education putting it into practice and creating for himself a successful career. He was once a player in the Wall Street and later changed his course to embrace the power of helping others succeed. After rising to high levels of fame as a portfolio manager, Paul transitioned to publishing career bringing top and sound investments advice to the typical and main street America investor.

Paul joined Banyan Hill and newsletter publishing, a platform that allowed him to distribute his vast investment knowledge to a broader audience. His 8-page Mampilly Newsletters the Profits Unlimited lists several winning stocks and also manages the site influential trading services the True Momentum and the Extreme Fortune. According to Mampilly his contribution to the publishing sites gives him a more egalitarian business to an audience of 130,000 subscribers. Paul Mampilly life began in rural India, and he later moved to Dubai before embarking on a successful Wall Street career in America. He states that his parents created the aggressiveness, faith, and timing that marked his successful investment career. His father relocated the family to Dubai in 1974, and the children embraced the need for education with Paul attending Montclair State University for his Business Administration Bachelor.

Later he upgraded his knowledge by attending Business School of Fordham Gabelli for his Business Administration Masters Degree. Paul Mampilly joined the famous Wall Steer for his first work experience at Banker Trusts as the company assistant portfolio manager. Later the bank was acquired by Deutsche Bank, and Paul got a new role as the research assistant, and this gave him a stronger grounding of performing due diligence research on the potential investments. Mampilly embraced the move creating for himself lifelong habits and skills of conducting proper research. During his vast career with ING as the senior research analyst and Kinetic Assets Management as the hedge fund manager, Paul has managed to create a unique niche as the World’s best according to Barron’s magazine.

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