How Igor Cornelsen got started in the Investment Industry

When Igor Cornelsen entered college in 1965, he planned on becoming an engineer. He had obtained entrance into the Federal University of Panama’s engineering school, and this was no easy feat. The engineering school, at the time, was the only one in the area, and so admittance was highly coveted. Two years into his education, however, Cornelsen discovered that engineering was not for him. He had higher aspirations and more business-minded goals. He chose to cease his engineering career, and instead focus on economics. He began to study the intricacies of world economies and was especially fascinated with macroeconomics.

Igor Cornelsen graduated with his economics degree from the Federal University in 1970. He wasted no time and was soon employed by Multibanco, a large banking firm in Rio de Janeiro. Cornelsen was promoted to a position on the board of directors of Multibanco. Two years after this, he became the company’s CEO.

His time as a CEO was short-lived, however. Two years after his promotion, Multibanco was purchased by the Bank of America. Cornelsen decided to seek work elsewhere. He found a position as a board member of Unibanco, another Rio based firm.

Cornelsen enjoyed a successful stint at Unibanco until 1985. It was at this time he caught the eye of Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank. He worked for Libra Bank PLC for a few years and then moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. After a few years at Standard Charted, Cornelsen decided it was time to make his own foray into the world of investing, and in 1995 he opened his own investment firm. Cornelsen found much success with his firm and continues to expand his operations.

Cornelsen’s investment techniques are somewhat simple. He gets his news from the source and ignores outside analysis.

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