The Chainsmokers’ 4 Years of Great Music

Dance/electric music charts are so unpredictable. The charts are home to many talented hitmakers. With the likes of the (legendary) Avicii, the experimental Calvin Harris, the great Gorillaz, the Billboard category of Dance music is ever competitive. However, Chainsmokers has catered mind-blowing records in the last couple of years. The duo has been consistent since their first single, #selfie. Many dance/electric lovers have described the song as magical even after four years. However, Memories (Do Not Open) is without any doubt their biggest collection of work.

“Memories (Do Not Open)” as an album has ruled the competitive dance/electric music scene. The twelve tracks album has some of the greatest records in the recent past. From April 7, 2017, fans of this genre of music have enjoyed great records such as Paris, Honest, Bloodstream, and Wake up Alone (collaboration with Jhene Aiko). In album also incorporates some of the biggest musical groups such as Coldplay, and Emily Warren.

Currently, the album is in the same category with other great albums in the history of dance music. The album is in the same category with the legendary album- Demon Days. With a better ranking in both the dance and overall categories (in Billboard), the album is remarkably great. Although the death of Avicii somehow affected the overall rankings of the countdown, Chainsmokers have continued to give fans great music.

The group is a combination of the Andrew Taggart (artistic producer) and Alex Pall (talented DJ). The duo has been together in the past six years. During the six years of hard work, they have been under one of the greatest labels such as Sony, Disruptor, and Columbia. Although the group was initially a three members group, Rhett Bixler took a different musical journey.

This year, the group has released an EP, which has been successful. The EP, which consists of great records such as Sick Boy, takes an experimental musical path. The singles give the dance/electric fans a different musical sound to what people have enjoyed over the years. In the last four years, the group has been in the limelight, they have released great singles.

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