Bank Executive Anil Chaturvedi Shares His Opinion On Fintech

Anil Chaturvedi is an Indian businessman who works in the banking industry. He is a graduate of Meerut University where he earned his economics degree in 1971. In 1973 he graduated from Delhi University with his masters in business administration. Up through July 1991, he worked for the State Bank of India. For the final fours years with this bank, he worked at their location in New York City where he was the manager in charge of development and planning.

While working for the State Bank of India in the United States, Anil Chaturvedi’s role was to make customers of people from India who were living in America. He was very successful at this as he brought in more than $500 million in new accounts. This success led to him being hired by Grindlays Bank where he was the vice president. He was in charge of the overall operations of Grindlays Bank and was also tasked with managing their product development and marketing efforts.

For almost 18 years he worked for Merrill Lynch as a managing director. He focused on high net worth Indian people throughout the world. He was one of Merrill Lynch’s top financial advisors and was named to their prestigious Circle of Champions. For the past seven years, Anil Chaturvedi has been at Hinduja Bank where he is also the managing director.

Looking at the broader financial industry, Anil Chaturvedi says that financial technology, usually called fintech, is an increasingly disruptive force in his industry. He says that fintech is making financial services more accessible and convenient than it ever has been. He says that for a few years it was thought that fintech would bring down the big banks as smaller and agiler companies could outmaneuver them with products and services.

He says that hasn’t been the case and the big banks are continuing to do very well. What the big banks have done is partner with fintech startups so that they can offer more convenience to consumers. Anil Chaturvedi says it all comes down in the end to pricing, branding, and offering a great user experience.

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