The Real OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a premier food solutions provider with an international reach. Unlike other companies, they use their global reach to bring consumers new and exciting food experiences. By partnering with skilled chefs and food innovators, OSI Food Solutions is growing its knowledge and adding to their global flavor palette.

OSI Food Solutions also offers people the chance to work with them to create custom food solutions. OSI Group encourages their clients and employees to develop never-before-seen meals. The more creativity brought to the table; the more excitement consumers get to experience. OSI Group has all the resources and infrastructure to bring any idea to life.

Last year, OSI Group purchased a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. So far, OSI Group has only released a statement saying that they plan on using that facility to expand their infrastructure. They’ve still not provided any extra detail about what the building might be used for.

According to public record, OSI Group purchased the 200,000-square-foot building for $7.4 million. Tyson Foods spokeswoman has given the media the most answers. Though she can’t speak for OSI, she says that the plant shut down will cost 480 jobs. The plant was set to close in June, and on that last day of operation, 250 employees were still working there.

The spokeswoman went on to say that every employee was offered a job at OSI North America before the plant closed. It’s still unclear what exactly will happen to the plant, but it’s presumed that the plant will reopen as an OSI branch.

It’s rare to hear about a company as large as OSI caring about the environment. Usually, their promotions are just ways of convincing people that they care. In 2016, OSI UK demonstrated excellent use of environmental risk management skills, earning the Globe of Honor Award.

The award was given to OSI by the British Safety Council. OSI UK went out of their way to make sure they didn’t cause any harm to the environment while sourcing and developing their food solutions.

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