Paul Mampilly Is Informing Newsletter Readers On Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the first developments taken to digitize currency, and financial analyst Paul Mampilly has been tracking it closely. He believes the technology it relies on and its decentralized system make it a fairly good alternative to traditional currency, but for now he says investors should stay out of its market. That’s because cryptocurrency is experiencing a bubble right now that is driving its price a little too high and Mampilly predicts there will be a crash for a while. He does believe as it improves that cryptocurrency will be a good investment.

Paul Mampilly moved to the US from India back in the late 1980s to attend college, and after finishing his degree he went into banking. He spent several years at Deutsche Bank and then moved to Banker’s Trust and ING all the while becoming adept at knowing the stock market and predicting the dot-com bubble and later the real estate bubble. Paul Mampilly also was a managing director for Kinetics International Fund from 2006-2012 and during this time grew its assets under management from $6 billion to $25 billion. While he was making a high commissioned salary doing this, he was unhappy because he was spending too much time at the office away from his family, and he also wasn’t helping the people he wanted to help. So in 2012 he left Wall Street and its investment banks never to return.

Paul Mampilly decided to show others how he had built his own portfolio over the years by finding new stocks in companies like Facebook, CEMEX, Netflix and a company that delivered revolutionary products in Sarepta Therapeutics which saw its stock soar in a short time. He joined Banyan Hill where he could write newsletters at an affordable price and write them in his own way. His newsletters picked up a lot of readers in a short time because not only do they bring real advice from a former insider’s perspective; they’re also easy to understand and have videos showing actual looks at his portfolio. You can subscribe to Mampilly’s newsletters by going to

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