InnovaCare Health Leading Force in Providing Medical Care to Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is leading the charge to help provide health care services to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.


InnovaCare Health runs Medicare Advantage health plans collectively known as Medicare y Mucho Mas (MMM). These plans are some of the largest ones operating in Puerto Rico. MMM operates out of a storefront in Plazas Las Americas shopping center where it serves as a clinic for those most affected by Hurricane Maria. Thousands of residents have visited Recargate to receive vital care.


Recargate is treating many of these residents because many physicians offices in San Juan have closed and Puerto Rico’s hospitals were damaged by Hurricane Maria.


Furthermore, Recargate also provides vital services such as counseling on anxiety, grief, and depression, in addition to, handing out donated food and drugs. According to Vivian Arthur, vice president of corporate social responsibility and community outreach at MMM, 130 people visit Recargate daily and 80% of these visitors are elderly.


Recargate has also served as a pilot program for addressing Puerto Rico’s healthcare needs. The clinic offers educational seminars and workshops, regular exercise classes, and access to behavioral health specialists to promote wellness in addition to providing vital medical care. Employees also provide help in applying for social services. InnovaCare Health’s pilot program at Recargate has helped to identify how poverty, instablity, and transportation are linked to health outcomes.


Moreover,InnovaCare Health is also responsible for operating mobile clinics that help residents deal with their long-term health needs. Over 25,000 people have received care from these mobile clinics. Allowing, residents to see a doctor and get their prescriptions filled by an on-site pharmacist.


Penelope Kokkinades, Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Inc., met with President Donald Trump on March 22nd, 2017. She discussed federal healthcare legislation with him and took part in the women in Healthcare panel scheduled for the same day.


InnovaCare Health is seeking a Chief Medical Officer to provide senior executive leadership in helping medical staff interact with the hospital administration and the governing board to achieve effective and efficient delivery of quality medical care.


Moreover, InnovaCare Health is also seeking a Chief Financial Officer for MSO to plan, direct, and coordinate their accounting and finance policies, practices, and various other supporting tasks.


The Chief Financial Officer will also work to create sustainable growth for MSO and to increase MSO’s shareholder value.



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