Paul Mampilly’s Act of Selflessness.

After working as a portfolio manager for many years, Paul Mampilly has now switched to a second career to a field that makes him more satisfied than he was before. Straight from the Wall Street to the “Main Street America.”

Throughout his career, Paul Mampilly’s journey has been characterized by luck and sheer hard work. Having been born in a humble family background in the rural area, Paul has proved to be a specimen of chance. His father was a casual laborer amid his inadequate education. As a result, financial strains were nothing unusual to the family, until they relocated to Dubai.

Their relocation turned out to be a breakthrough for their livelihood. They found Dubai’s economy at its peak following the discovery of oil beneath their soil that had been done a few years earlier. This enabled Paul’s father to raise money to educate Mampilly and his sister. They both got college degrees, a thing that none of their family members could have ever imagined. Visit the website to learn more.

After his undergraduate degree, Paul Mampilly started working at the Wall Street where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust Company. Later after the acquisition of the Bankers Trust by Deutsche Bank, Paul also transitioned to start working there as a research assistant. This is a position that made him to learn a lot of fundamental aspects concerning investment decision making that helped him in his future career in other organizations.

Paul Mampilly then moved to ING where he worked as a senior research analyst. This position saw his responsibilities skyrocket, and he started being accountable for huge portfolios worth millions of dollars. He was later recruited to manage a hedge fund for the Kinetics Asset Management. Under his guidance, the hedge fund grew rapidly to over $25 billion, what saw Paul Mampilly named the best hedge fund manager in the world.

Despite all the experience and respect in the investment industry, Paul Mampilly was never contented with the extent to which he shared his expertise. He felt that the only individuals who benefited from the insights were the few wealthy investors that he managed their assets on behalf. Due to this, Paul made a very tough decision to quit his career as a portfolio manager and joined a new career at the Banyan Hill Publishing where he became the senior editor. There he publishes his finance insights and dispenses them to the public in the form of newsletters, at pocket-friendly prices. This way, his work benefits as many people as he would have wished.

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