Anthony Petrello Supports Jan And Dan Duncan Neurological Institute

Tony Petrello is married to Cynthia. Both of them are passionate about philanthropy. In fact, they are some of the most generous people in Texas, facilitating various community projects. One area where they have concentrated on since they started philanthropy is in the medical care department. They have been generous to medical need of children after their daughter was born with a neurological disorder. They have been looking for a facility that can facilitate treatment of neurological disorders in children. When their daughter Carena was born with such a condition, they did not know where to turn to.

Every hospital they visited, they found that there was no facility dedicated to the treatment of such conditions. In the end, Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello decided to start something that would change the industry. They decided to come up with a facility that would start research work and offer treatment and care to the children suffering from neurological disorders. Luckily for them, just in the neighborhoods of Texas, there was already a facility that had been started known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, which was located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. This is a facility that was already trying to come up with a solution for the challenges of neurological disorder.

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The CEO of nabobs Industries found out that this facility could offer a solution to the needs of their daughter only if it was supported in its research work. He decided that he would use this facility to get a solution for the challenges facing his daughter. Anthony Petrello has always been a problem solver. So, when he looked at the facility, he saw that it was possible to change the entire industry by ensuring that there were solutions that could work. There was no need going around the world looking for treatment, when there was a center right in the area he lives in, that would conduct a world record research.

Tony Petrello donated $5 million to the facility at the beginning and promised to and more funds in future. He has supported the facility at every step of the way. He has been chairman of various fund’s drives which have led to contributions totaling to over $500 million. Tony is using his influence as a top earned CEO in the country to urge more influential people in the country to contribute to this cause. At the end of the research. Texas will have the first neurological disorders in children treatment center. This center will provide treatment to hundreds of children who develop neurological disorders but have nowhere to run to for help.


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