Eucatex Group Counts More Success By Having Flavio Maluf As Its CEO

For over 20 years, Eucatex Group has been enjoying the unparalleled leadership of President Flavio Maluf and has grown from one level to another including having acquisitions on board. Eucatex was founded in 1951 and became the first Brazilian company to showcase their concern for the environment by planting trees all over their farms for the sake of their future generations. It is quite visible in their annual plan that the company usually dedicates a certain amount of their revenue to foster conservation of the environmental campaigns. The Company specifically uses Eucalyptus which is a hardwood tree in the production of their products. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Known for the production of lasting acoustic ceilings, insulation panels and soft panels from wood fibers, Eucatex Group, under the leadership of Flavio Maluf has always been an example for others to emulate in its management, innovation, and production. The management platform in Eucatex Group is somehow unique where every employee in the company is answerable to their seniors and their salaries are based on the profits they make. The Company also has ventured into producing specific types of paints to their clients across the globe.

Under the management of its CEO Flavio Maluf, Eucatex Group has recently made one of the major milestones in their expansion where they have acquired a farm from Duratex in the city of Botucatu. According to the CEO, they will in exchange give their farm in Capao Bonito. The farm in Botucatu has over 280 employees and a production of more than 200,000 per square meter per annum. The acquisition will hype the production capacity of paint by 30%, 70% of the fiber sheets and of paper printing by 40%.

Following the acquisition, some production losses in the company will be eliminated and expansion to other regions inside and outside Brazil will also be made possible. Flavio Maluf says CADE must approve the acquisition process. The CEO wouldn’t have dreamt that one day he will be into business especially in his college days when he was into engineering. He studied at FAAP; Sao Paulo for his mechanical engineering degree but later business passion consumed him and enrolled in Business Administration at the University of New York. That’s when he joined Eucatex in trading department, to the Executive team, and to the CEO.

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