Touching Career Achievements of the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is a popular name in UAE. Mr. Hussain is considered one of the most prominent businessmen in the region. Hussain Sajwani is the founder of a real estate developing firm known as DAMAC Group. Sajwani’s innovative mind and positive attitude towards life has enabled him to perform well in the business world. Sajwani pursued economics at Washington University. Upon completing his studies, Hussain was fortunate enough to serve as a contract manager at GASCO Company even though he was not quite experienced.


The DAMAC owner spent a few years at GASCO Company where he gained a lot of knowledge in business that inspired him to start a catering company. Sajwani founded his catering firm in 1982 that picked up well. Hussain worked hard and managed to make food supplies to notable educational institutions, hotels, construction sites among others. In addition to that, Sajwani’s catering company supplies food to different continents such as Africa. It is important to note that the company provides incredible management services. Even though Hussain mainly focuses on DAMAC Properties, the catering firm continues to thrive.


In the 1990s, a significant number of people were attracted to invest in Dubai. Hussain saw it as a viable business opportunity and decided to start building hotels to cater for the increasing population. Additionally, Hussain began to develop luxury buildings to sell to visitors. Hussain later established DAMAC Group in 2002. The company develops golf courses and villas among other properties. Since it was established, DAMAC has continued to experience tremendous growth in the real estate industry. Currently, DAMAC Group is considered one of the largest companies in the Middle East. The company also invested in other places such as Doha, Amman, and London.


The DAMAC owner partners with Donald Trump on various projects. The two prominent investors joined hands and developed golf courses. Another important thing to note is that Hussain Sajwani Family does not only relate to that of Trump in terms of business but as close friends. Hussain Sajwani wants to continue working with Donald Trump to ensure that he expands his company to other continents.The DAMAC owner is a generous giver as demonstrated by his donations to the UAE Government to touch the lives of the less fortunate.

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