Are Bitcoin Variations Available According to AvaTrade Review?

Now that all of the world wants to get on the Bitcoin bandwagon, which are the best Forex brokers for cryptocurrencies? Which were the first adopters? Are there Bitcoin variations available according to the latest AvaTrade Review?


Why Did AvaTrade Add Bitcoin?


AvaTrade was founded a decade ago in 2006 on the Emerald Isle of Ireland. It has good credentials being regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. You only need USD$250 to get started.


It offers one of the most popular binary options trading platforms – MetaTrader 4 (MT4). MT4 was actually created about the same time as AvaTrade, so there are many synergies. You can also link signal providers to MT4.


There are many assets to trade on AvaTrade. You can choose from fiat currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. In fact, AvaTrade was one of the first adopters of Bitcoin. Why is this an advantage?


For years, the AvaTrade members have been trading Bitcoin. They know its tendencies and patterns. They have made money, while others were pounding rocks.


Bitcoin Variations


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash are all available at AvaTrade. What are the differences between these coins?


Well, basically Bitcoin was started in 2008 as a decentralized cryptocurrency. The plan was to have it mined by those with spare computer processing power. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as planned.


Today, large corporations are setting up systems that mine Bitcoin blocks faster than individuals. This threatens to make Bitcoin centralized. Therefore, the second Bitcoin fork of October 24, 2017 was intended to recreate a decentralized digital coin, called Bitcoin Gold.


The first Bitcoin fork circa August 1, 2017 created Bitcoin Cash to deal with capacity. See, all of the financial transactions are listed on the Bitcoin blockchain ledger and some worry that it will run out of space. Bitcoin Cash is supposed to be more efficient than Bitcoin.


Forex Broker Awards


After AvaTrade offered Bitcoin, it won consecutive FX Empire awards. This broker was pushing the industry ahead. It was offering the hottest asset on the planet.

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