Felipe Montoro Jens: Sharing About Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens is considered an infrastructure expert. He continues to use his skills to assist in bringing government projects to the private sector. Starting this year, in 2018, he has announced that nearly 57 projects will be granted with an investment cost of up to $44 billion in twenty-two sectors. Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) will oversee the transition. This program was developed by the federal government to bridge the gap between the State and Private initiatives. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

Mr. Jens further explains that in the second part of 2019 more than half will of the bidding will be scheduled. This includes a few such as Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeão (Rio de Janeiro) and Guarulhos (São Paulo). At the end of 2018, another highway will receive a grant helping even more with private initiatives. It will be almost 800 kilometers long. What is expected to stay the same are the auctions for the port terminals concessions of Belém (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranaguá (PR) and Vitória (ES).

Specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens, knows and understand the infrastructure business quite well. He has provided information on the ever expanding position of PPI. This group wants to guarantee growth in the public sector, mainly raising quality and having correct tariffs. Mr. Jens lets us know the program can and will ensure stability and security of projects. He also notes that there will be little interference in the business area and investments. Read more on frenchtribune.com for more info.

Felipe Montoro Jens continues to share additional news such as the sale of the Mint. He says the Minister of the Secretary General of the Presidency in Moreira Franco states advance technology allows them to make passports and money. This helps significantly for the growth and production of the area. Though announcements where made in August, the government has not fully explained how the Mint would be sold. See Related Links: https://www.baptista.com.br/felipe-montoro-jens-reporta-que-brasileiros-estao-entre-os-mais-insatisfeitos-do-mundo-com-a-infraestrutura-de-seu-pais/

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