Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Ban All Weaponry Photos From Popular App

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur and business executive from Salt Lake City, Utah and Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the dating app in 2014, named Bumble, in Austin, Texas, where she resides. Wolfe studied International Studies at the Southern Methodist University and is married to Michael Herd.

Two years later after starting the dating platform, Bumble became one of the most popular dating platforms, after only four months before, the app reached well over 10 million conversations and about 80 million matches.

Whitney Wolfe’s dating platform app is also going to be branching off into another platform called BumbleBizz, where people can become friends instead of starting a dating relationship. When users are engaging within the Bumble app they post a wide-range of photos from playing their favorite instrument, a fishing trip, and even photos of them showing off their latest weaponry.

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Unfortunately, with the all the mass shootings that has been happening all around the nation, Whitney Wolfe decided, when it comes to the photos that their 30 million users can post within the Bumble app, they are not allowed to post photos of any guns or knives, unless the user is working with law enforcement or the military, posting a photo with their gun is in uniform, then that is allowed.

The whole intention behind why Whitney is banning users posting photos of any type of weapon is that, she wants anyone who engages with the Bumble app to be at ease, and not threatened within their community. Regardless if the user doesn’t even promote violence, and just want to post a photo with the use of their gun just being a hobby, when it comes to their point of view, that picture just doesn’t fit with what Whitney Wolfe and Bumble is trying to accomplish.

She mentioned that not everyone is going to agree with the decision, but she just wanted to “sweep up the mess” after hearing complaints after the mass shootings, even if Bumble receives any backlash for creating an even more positive experience for their user and for anyone who would love to join. This example by Whitney Wolfe, just goes to show the impact that social media has on the American people, buy finding new innovative ways to improve our society, and ultimately become more aware of the the world around us.

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