Sajwani the Emir of Dubai

The Hussain Sajwani family and current DAMAC owner got their start in the world of business in the food service industry. They catered to clients like the U.S. military as well as Bechtel. Still owning the food service companies that got them started he began in 2002 to take on the world of real estate investment. taking advantage of an opportunity that allowed foreigners to own property in the Arab Emirates. After his first purchase of land, Sajwani was able to sell several units in a 38 story residential building he built in a previously underdeveloped area. This all occurred in a time span of fewer than six months.

Since their Beginning, Damac has played a vital role in growing Dubai to be one of the world’s premier destinations. Damac actually teamed up with current president Donald Trump in 2013, before he was the president, and developed two gold courses for the Trump brand. The first, Trump International Gold Course Dubai, was opened in February 2017 and the Trump World Golf Couse, designed by Tiger Woods is scheduled to follow in late 2018.

After his election, Trump stated that Sajwani was a very amazing man who had just offered Trump a 2$ billion dollar real estate investment which had to be turned down. This decision was made by Trump due to fears of conflict of interest while he is in office. This means that Trump has decided not to take any deals while he is running the country as president. However, he has given reigns of his empire over to his children so deals with the Trump family are still possible.

Sajwani the current emir of Dubai is said to have had a close relationship with the Trump family even having visited Ivanka after Trump secured his presidency. Sajwani believes that his business has experienced a boost thanks to the Donal Trump presidency and his history of deals with the Trump family and looks forward to continued prosperity between the two nations while Trump is in office.


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