Roberto Santiago: Managing A Huge Mall

Brazil is one of the hottest destinations on the planet, and tourists flock into the South American country because of their rich culture, good food, and beautiful sceneries. It changed the locals’ way of life, and it brought development to the countryside. The city of Joao Pessoa is one of those cities which experienced tremendous economic growth during the 1980s. Roberto Santiago, a local of Joao Pessoa, thought of how he can contribute to the growing economy of the city. He was a writer both online and offline, and he managed to create a huge fan base because of his talent in writing. One day, as he was walking along the streets of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago saw a large area of land that is for sale. He had an idea of purchasing the land and developing it into something that would benefit the public. Roberto Santiago had to speak with the owner of the lot, and he was allowed to purchase it. Roberto Santiago asked for the assistance from the best contractors in the city, and the construction started in 1987.



Two years after the construction of the building, Roberto Santiago invited everyone to witness him cutting the ribbon for his newly built mall. He called it Manaira Shopping, and at that time, it is known as the greatest and the grandest mall in all of Paraiba. Roberto Santiago welcomed everyone to see for themselves how the mall looks like. The local population of Joao Pessoa was amazed because it is only their first time experiencing to enter a very large mall. Roberto Santiago, on the other hand, had to quit his career in writing and focus on his mall. The Manaira Shopping mall has some of the cheapest goods on the planet, yet these goods are also of high quality.



Manaira Shopping continues to dominate the retail industry in Brazil, and Roberto Santiago is serious in transforming his company as the leading mall in all of Brazil. Roberto Santiago would often write about the experiences that he had and thinks that the warm welcome from the locals would signal that the shopping mall would make it for a couple of decades more. The Manaira Mall has several facilities inside where the customers can enjoy. It also has a state-of-the-art concert hall built on its rooftop called the Domus Hall.



Roberto Santiago’s life was deeply changed after the construction of the mall. Today, the Manaira Mall has one of the best facilities in all of Joao Pessoa, but several people are rallying against it because of a number of accusations. Roberto Santiago is also planning to build more shopping malls in the future, located in the country’s major cities.

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