Hussain Sajwani Explores Different Industrial Sectors

The growth of the industrial sector in the UAE has been of major importance to the economy of a nation which was initially made rich by the discovery of vast oil and gas supplies beneath its surface but is now changing to new areas of industry for its future success. New technology seems to be informing the decisions of Hussain Sajwani, the founder of DAMAC Properties and a number of successful businesses have been looking to play his own role in the development of the United Arab Emirates and wider Arab community in the Middle East in successfully transitioning into areas of new technology.


As the UAE continues to explore its own space program through the launch of plans for an orbiting space hospital, Hussain Sajwani is doing his bit to aid the transition away from a fossil fuel-based economy to a technology market the Royal Family of the nation hope to become world leaders in over the coming decades. One area which the DAMAC owner has become particularly concerned with is the introduction of computer programmers across the nation which will be built around the One Million Arab Coders initiative sponsored by the Hussain Sajwani family.


The transition to new areas of technology is something Hussain Sajwani believes will be important to his company in the future as the luxury real estate markets can only be boosted by a growing economy filled with users of new technology. Sajwani himself is not standing still and solely basing his luxury real estate business in the UAE as he does not wish to saturate a market he sees as rising by around 10,000 units per years; instead, the University of Washington graduate is pushing to build new markets with the first London-based DAMAC Properties block already under construction and planned to open by 2020. Becoming a player on the global real estate market has become the most important factor for Hussain Sajwani who has also been looking to expand across the Middle East with planned projects to be announced in Qatar and Jordan in the coming months.


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