Joel Friant – Expert Entrepreneur and Creator of the Habanero Shaker

It takes a lot of skill to be an expert entrepreneur. This includes skills that are bit clever to think about only because they are things that are hiding right beneath our noses. An entrepreneur is a rockstar businessperson when they have an affinity for creation, not just for the product but equally for the creative process as well. An entrepreneur becomes a leader when they share their success and help others attain the same glory. In order for the leader to achieve this, they need to become close with their employees and colleagues, making further positive impacts on their business and personal lives. Joel Friant is this exact kind of entrepreneur.

Although Friant did not initially set out to become an entrepreneur, he started his professional career as a real estate agent and home remodeler. One day in 1995, inspiration struck. He realized and manifested his destiny of being a pioneer in the Thai fast food business. This earned him the nickname “The Thai Guy”. Meanwhile, the Habanero Chile Pepper struck a chord with Friant’s heart (and his taste buds). He became intent on working as closely as possible with the high-Scoville ingredient.

From the unexpected influence came the original Habanero Shaker. It may be a dry good but, it’s just as powerful as any top shelf hot sauce. Not only is it strong, it also has a complex flavor. It has the taste of a full bodied chile with notes of wood-smoke and butter.

By the end of the 2000s, most retailers have ported their stores to the world wide web. In 2012, Joel Friant did the same for the Habanero Shaker. He took what he learned in eBay and Amazon courses and utilized it to full potential in his online store. This moment is when the product finally went worldwide.

After working with an online shop, Friant grew an affinity for the concept of crypto-currency and the industry leaders that support it. Crypto-currency is something he is still exploring. Watch closely to see how it will affect the Habanero Shaker in the near future.

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