Malcom Casselle Predicts The Future of WAX: Game Skins and Cryptocurrency

What Does WAX Do? How Is It Changing The Cryptocurrency Game?

WAX is a company which is in the business of providing game skins and tokenizing physical assets. WAX is a decentralized game assets exchange platform, allowing nearly anyone to participate in a marketplace for virtual assets. In-game items can be tokenized in a very powerful way, and the WAX exchange is designed to make transactions less costly. Virtual assets are more accessible when they are tokenized, and this allows the economy the opportunity to expand. Most importantly, assets which are tokenized are able to be owned in fractional portions.

Who Is Malcolm Casselle? What Has He Done In The Past?

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of a company called OPSkins. In addition to being the CIO of the OPSkins company, he is also the founder of the Worldwide Assets eXchange company. The aim of both companies is to aid in buying and selling online. Before becoming CEO of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins, he was responsible for marketing at SeaChange International. Much of his experience is in working with startups, and he is also an investor. The focus of his career as of recent has been in bitcoin and blockchain, whereas in the past it was in big data. He also served as a general manager for Groupon in Eastern China, growing the business to tens of millions per month in revenue.

What Is Malcolm Casselle’s Track Record?

As an investor, Malcolm Casselle has a track record of 30+ investments including Facebook and Zynga. He also co-founded a telecom company in Hong Kong, a company valued at $35 Billion on the Hong Kong exchange. He was responsible for raising much of the money that the telecom company he co-founded was able to obtain. He studied at MIT and Stanford, with degrees in Computer Science.

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