Elysium Health Shows Daily Supplement That Boosts NAD+ Levels

Did you know that your NAD+ levels can have a significant impact on your overall health? Have you even heard of NAD+ to begin with?

Let me break it down. Your NAD+ levels—NAD+ being a compound in the human body—can affect sleep, DNA health, and energy production on the cellular level. As we age, our NAD+ levels decrease. But there is a new product available that may be able to help.

Twenty-Five Years of Research

Most of us struggle to pay attention to something for twenty-five minutes, let alone twenty-five years. However, twenty-five years of aging research act as the foundation of Elysium Health’s premier product, Basis. Basis works to raise your NAD+ levels, thus supporting the cellular processes that utilize the compound.

The Clinical Test Proves Effective

Elysium Health is not trying to push out some product that does not work. In fact, they are so confident in their product because of the results that they have seen produced by it in clinical tests. The test subjects given Basis saw an increase in their NAD+ levels of 40% (versus the control group) after four weeks of taking the supplement. Many supplements do not undergo clinical trials, and Basis not only underwent a clinical trial but proved its efficacy.

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Purchasing Basis

It is easy to purchase Basis in any way that makes sense for your lifestyle. Elysium Health hopes that you will sign up for one of their subscription services for the product, but it is not necessary to do so in order to get it. You can choose to buy just one bottle of it for the price of $60. However, if you sign up for the one year subscription, you only pay $480 today and thus save thirty-three percent compared to what you would pay buying it one bottle at a time.

You get to choose for yourself how you want to get your supplement. You might just find it rewarding to have a subscription service so that you can set it and forget it. All subscriptions are available on Elysium Health’s website.

Backing from Top Universities

As if there was not already enough evidence that this product is a winner, consider the partnerships that Elysium Health has with top universities. Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge are just a few of the big names that partner with this company. Given that, you can have all the confidence in the world in the work that they do.

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