Month: December 2017

Roberto Santiago Helps Make the Mall Environment Better

For Roberto Santiago, a shopping mall was one of the best investment opportunities. He knew he could try new things with different investments and also knew there would be different ways he could make things happen for the people who came to the mall. As long as Roberto Santiago was doing what he could to

Elysium Health Shows Daily Supplement That Boosts NAD+ Levels

Did you know that your NAD+ levels can have a significant impact on your overall health? Have you even heard of NAD+ to begin with? Let me break it down. Your NAD+ levels—NAD+ being a compound in the human body—can affect sleep, DNA health, and energy production on the cellular level. As we age, our

Daniel Taub Strengthens Relationship Ties between Israel and UK

Daniel Taub was appointed as the new Israel Ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011.He served for four years as an ambassador and a peace negotiator. At one time when he acted as a peace negotiator is when he got invited to the city of Bradford by the community when Bradford West MP, Galloway gave