Gregory Aziz Lives to See his Dream

Many individuals have had dreams at some point in their life. Putting up an idea for a real business has seemed to challenge many. Not many people can work hard against all the odds to see their dream come true. Achieving the ultimate goal means using any available routes to get to the final mission. It is patience that helps you see this time. George Aziz, the National Steel Car CEO held on until his dream came true.


The National Steel CEO did not get to the top in a fortnight. Upon school completion, he was invited to work with the family business. The business dealt with fresh fruits distribution. 16 years down the line, the firm was importing and exporting the most substantial amount of fresh fruits.


Staying here and enjoying the fruits of this success, was a very attempting opinion. However, James Aziz understood that this was not his end goal. In the 1990s, he moved and worked in the banking sector. This was in preparation for the National Steel Car project. He also needed capital to commence this project.


In 1994, James Aziz finally purchased the company from its then owner; Dofasco. At this point, the company was not very prominent. However, he did have the determination that he needed. He organized the 600 employees and taught them to work together. He ensured that they felt the success of the company was their success as their well. This strategy has been proofed to work, and it was effective on his side.


1999, was the peak year of the National Steel Car. The company produced 12000 freight cars instead of the usual 3500. This workload could not be handled by 600 employees. The posts, therefore, rose to 3000.


This was a boost to the company and the society at large. Many individuals got a chance to work with the National Steel Car. The success improved the living standards of the society. Some members of the community became investors. This was because the number of employees provided a good market to the entrepreneurs. Other investors also came from far places, to set businesses in the area. See This Page for More Info.



Final Verdict


James Aziz had a dream of making the small Canadian Company to the most prestigious North America freight car and tank manufacturer. He has lived to see this dream come true.

The success of the company has not been his success alone. The community around him has also had their share of their benefits from the success.

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