The Force Pushing Behind National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz

Gregory J Aziz was Born on April 30th, 1949 in Hamilton, Ontario, his hometown. Greg Aziz has risen throughout his career to become one of the auspicious business people in the world. Starting his school at a tender age, he went on to attend college at Ridley college as a teenager. Greg Aziz proceeded to join university for his undergraduate studies at Western University where he graduated in business school having majored in economics. He is the current CEO of National steel car company and has been working here for the last 23 years.



Shortly after completion of his degree from the university, he joined the family business that was involved in export and imports of vegetables and fruits across Europe. He worked in the firm until the 1980’s before he left to venture into other businesses. James Aziz worked as an investment banker in the banking industry where he worked until the late 1990’s. During this tenure, he managed to be the facilitator of one of the biggest acquisition of National Steel Car company which was then owned by Dofasco. He then got involved with the group and became the CEO.



The National Steel Car company was just a medium size company on an acquisition, and James Aziz focused his efforts on making the business grow to the next level. He has had a fruitful tenure of 23 years managing to make National Steel Car company one of the biggest freight car production company in the region. The company’s productions quadrupled from producing just 3500 cars a year to 12,000 vehicles a year. The company’s staff has also grown from an initial 600 to staggering 300 employees.


The company is the only company in the Northern American region to be ISO 9001 2008, an indication of compliance with rules and regulations by the regulatory bodies. It also boasts of the top-notch engineers and professions that are capable of delivering quality services in time. The company has also received honors for their commendable job they have been doing from the Annual TTX SECO awards. They have won the award for almost a decade consecutively. They offer a massive inventory of rail building, freight cars and also aftermarket services to their clients such as consultancy and repairs. Get More Info Here.



Greg James Aziz is also involved in philanthropic courses of giving back to the society. He’s also concerned some charitable events where he has offered both financial and his professional help in making the community a better place for everyone.



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