Glen Wakeman; A CEO of Revolutionary Ideologies

The current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC is Glen Wakeman. LaunchPad is a SAAS company he co-founded in 2015. Glen has been known for his entrepreneurial spirit and mentoring. He also gained a reputation as a business revolutionary over the course of his career.

Glen Wakeman is an alma mater of the University of Scranton in 1981; he also has got MBA from the University of Chicago in 1993, specializing in finance (BlogWebPedia). His career started in P&L and business development positions at GE Capital. He then was appointed the CEO and President as well as Bank Board Chairman. He founded and presided over Nova Four. While at GE Wakeman was recognized as a growth leadership role model by the Board of Directors of the company.ral

Wakeman has revolutionized business and has been responsible for 17,000+ staff members and has been responsible for over $15bn in assets. He has also been known as development oriented and successful as well. His work has revolved around the guidance of start-ups, M&As, new market entry start-ups, exponential growth, divestitures and much more. His proven methodology of using five key performance areas; execution, human governance capital, leadership and risk management is an added advantage in his arsenal.

He has been a mentor and has aided several C-level executives. He currently counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Glen is a writer as well, and this has enabled him to share his thoughts through regular blog posts ( Glen likes to write about international fiscal matters, emerging markets, management strategy, and administration. He also blogs regularly about, global affairs, business transformation, leadership and emerging markets. He gives advice on angel financing, capital raising, and strategy.

Glen has always been passionate about growth, innovation and executive development. LaunchPad Toolkit is aided by a broad and diverse library of tips and suggestions available to guide entrepreneurs as they form their company. They enjoy support from an extensive ecosystem of capital providers and advisors. Glen has lived in six different countries and is responsible for operations in 30 regions throughout the world. Glen Wakeman was CEO of GE Money Latin America. He built the process from scratch to being a nine-country operation exceeding $ 12bn in assets, $100mm annual earnings and 17,000 employees and a network of over 1000 branches.

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