Jorge Moll: The brains behind Brazil’s largest medical facility

The human health plays a significant role in his ability to maximize his potential and also the resources freely available in nature. That is why man has come up with a wide array of treatments and methods to ensure that his health is always in tip-top shape. There are many people who have come up with treatment methods, and among them, Jorge Moll tops the list. He is a man of many titles and is widely known primarily in the health and fitness industry. Jorge Moll originates from Brazil and is known for his entrepreneurial skills and is also a cardiologist.

Moll is the founder of Brazil’s largest hospital Rede D’or which is a branch of about thirty hospitals spread across different parts of the country. The facility also operates some prominent labs which have helped the health research sector significantly as it boasts state of the art equipment. Jorge Moll continues to show his progress in handling both business and health matters. For instance, he sold some of the laboratories for more than $750 million and procured Sao Luis which is a hospital group based in Sao Paulo. Recently Jorge Moll saw one of the hospitals which are located in Copacabana upgraded to make the treatment experience for the patients better. The facility which is now known as Star Cup features galleries full of artistic pieces from different artists such as the famous Japanese Painter known as Yutaka ( It also has professional nurses and doctors who work round the clock to ensure the well being of the patients. Unlike regular hospitals, it features an exclusive area for the exit of the employees and patients. The facility is more of a five-star hotel than a hospital hence ensuring a speedy recovery for the patients as they will feel more at ease.

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He currently lives in Rio de Janeiro with his family and is the president of Rede D’or. Jorge Moll is known for his big heart and also a constant emphasis on the importance of voluntary work which according to research that he conducted, has a positive impact on the health of volunteers. Moll regularly insists on the importance of cooperation between leaders and their juniors. Moll is quite a lucrative and holds a Ph.D. in experimental physiopathology and an MD in neurology from the Federal University of Rio.

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