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Wealth Solutions aids prospective clients to bridge financial gaps and become prosperous. It provides clients with a dynamic, and complete economic plan that is easily adjustable depending on the needs. Wealth Solutions understand that having a flexible financial plan is crucial considering the nature of the financial market. Wealth Solutions provide independent investment solutions to the investor. Their primary focus on clients who desire to acquire and preserve wealth, and utilizing various retirement strategies to help you realize your financial goals. Learn more:

Wealth Solutions utilizes a unique and practical three-pillar approach to financial solutions. Moreover, this method is the firm’s backbone, and each pillar is co-dependent on the other.

1. The first pillar is figuring out the client’s financial situation of its clients. Once comprehended, the process of crafting a customized plan begins.
2. The second pillar is creating a long-term strategy complementing the client’s investment needs, enabling them to reach their investment goals with minimum risk.
3. The last pillar is assisting in all possible ways for the client achieve their insurance needs.
Wealth Solutions is an Accredited Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas.

Wealth Solutions’ Founder

Wealth Solutions was founded in 1994 by Richard Blair, and its sole purpose was to provide personalized and professional financial advice to the public. In 1993, soon after graduating with a Degree in Finance from the University of Houston, Blair entered the financial services industry and a year later, founded his independent firm, Wealth Solutions.

Richard founded Wealth Solutions with the primary aim of making a significant positive impact on the financial lives of people. He works exclusively with small business owners, and affluent individuals and families in Austin, Texas.


Richard Blair is an independent and accredited financial advisor with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.

A Passion for Providing Knowledge to the Masses

Richard was drawn to the world financial advisory due to his passion for education. He grew up with a mother, and grandmother who were both teachers and also married a teacher Joanne, and he comprehends the value of teaching and education in increasing one’s knowledge capacity and boosting confidence. Concluding that both teaching and being a financial advisor is nonetheless different as it entails providing knowledge and advice.
Over the years, Richard honed his skills on financial retirement planning. His goal is to help clients achieve successful retirement by teaching them how to live better financially and plan for retirement

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