Mike Baur: Creator Of Opportunities

Mike Baur, an entrepreneur, and businessman has led an inspiring and impressive life. He was raised up in a region in Switzerland called Freiburg. Mike completed his business degrees at Bern University and the University of Rochester. Smart Mike started his career at a tender age of only 16 years. In 1991, Mike joined Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice. He worked for UBS most of the 90’s decade until he quit to work for another bank Clariden Leu for diversity reasons. In 2014, Baur started his own company Swiss Start-up Factory co-founding it with his two colleagues Oliver Walzer and Max Meister with a bid to aid young technology start-ups. The incubator program assists in sourcing funds for promising start-ups.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a Zurich-based ICT accelerator, in search for thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company provides a platform with exciting opportunities through a strong network in Switzerland and around the globe. The company has since grown into the number one independent and privately financed early stage accelerator in Switzerland.

Mike has participated as a jury member at the START summiteer, which is a startup contest of the University of St Gallen. This event creates a platform for new entrepreneurs to showcase and speak publicly about their plans and products. The contest attracts investors with the most promising projects receiving start-up funds from interested investors. Mike founded Think Reloaded whose vision was to provide in-depth financial advice for affluent clients. He was later appointed as CTI’s Investment deputy managing director slightly after the firm partnered with the Swiss Start-up Factory.

Swiss Start-Up factory runs a three-month-long startup accelerator program in which they provide a unique platform of coaching, services, mentoring as well as an entrepreneurial network to achieve their goals and objectives. The company believes in transforming startups and turning them into global companies that disrupt the current products, business models, and norms. Moreover, they want to be able to provide any startup business with all the services that they may require all around.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory Female Founder Network Initiative has initiated women empowerment by creating an exclusive forum where female founders can connect with each other. Their main aim is to increase the number of startups founded by women and further mobilize a unique and robust network of female founders. Mike’s focus on helping tech entrepreneurs has helped change lives and the standard routines in various industries.


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