On The Right Track With Gregory James Aziz

Launched in 1912, National Steel Car is the nation’s largest manufacturer of railroad freight cars. They love pushing the envelope and reaching new heights in design and function.

Services Offered For Freight Car Parts and Components:

Fulcrum-Brackets image

Brake Piping

Handholds and Ladder Rounds

Body Bolsters

Trucks and Wheel Sets


List of Railcars Available:

25,500G Tank Car

29,000G Tank Car

30,500G Tank Car

Auto Rack




Covered Hopper



Intermodal Spine

Intermodal Well

Jumbo Box Car

Open Top Hopper

Super Duty Box


People Power

National Steel Car understand that their real power of the company comes from the people. The dynamics behind the machinery is their highly trained team that consists of thousands of competent members.

They have an impeccable reputation of striving to deliver products and services that are unparalleled. They’ve evolved into the vanguards of the industry and persistently produce and push forward premiere quality railcars.

The National Steel Car team is more of a family and they come equipped with more than a century of wisdom in engineering stellar tank cars. They’re reliability and craftsmanship have earned them a trusted reputation among their clients.

They have a diverse team and business model built on ethics, efficiency, being time observant, as well as customer care. They believe in honoring the past, working hard, and being dedicated.


The National Steel Car Gives Back To Their Local Community

* They Sponsor Theatre and Opera

* Food Drive and Food Banks

* The Salvation Army And The United Way

* ETC…


Enter Gregory James Aziz

Behind every great company is a powerful mind. Allow us to introduce you to the Chairman, President & CEO of National Steel Car Mr. Gregory J Aziz. Born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario, Mr. Aziz had an impressive scholastic career starting off at Ridley College and then moving on to the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics.

He was an employee of his family’s wholesale food company who became a global importer of foods with more than 16 years in the industry.

Aziz then turned his sights on investment banking and had success in that sector for over 10 years before he formulated the acquisition of the National Steel Car company from Dofasco. Greg Aziz’s touch made the company grow to produce more product and expanding its workforce.

National Steel Car is America’s premier railcar engineering and manufacturing company offering a variety of designs and always delivery high quality and great customer service. Refer to This Web Page for More Info

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