Gregory Aziz is a renowned result oriented entrepreneur

The History of Gregory James Aziz:

Greg Aziz was born in London in the late 1940s. He attended the Ridley College before majoring in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. With a dream to grow his career, he joined and took up a role in their family business which dealt with the distribution of food products. Affiliated Foods, which later became a renowned distributor of food produce, was where he started off. He later saw a need to advance in his career and it is when he took up an investment banking position in New York City. He later bought the National Steel Company, NSC, where he is currently the Chief Executive Officer.


NSC Ownership:

For over 10 decades, the National Steel Company has been in the business of manufacturing railway cars. James Aziz took up the chance of owning this company when he started negotiations with Dofasco. The negotiations emerged a success and he was able to own the Canadian Company in 1994. The company has since grown under his leadership and become the leader of the manufacture of railway car freight in North America.


NSC Growth:

Greg James Aziz had a mission of making NSC the largest railway freight company in North America and he did just that. He invested a lot of resources into the business to make it perform as it was intended to. He went a further step and expanded his labor force in order to maximize its returns. In just 5 years, NSC through the leadership of Greg J. Aziz was close to tripling its manufacture of railway cars and his workforce had grown five times more. The technology for this company had also been advanced and was showing great results. Read More on This Page.


NSC Performance

National Steel Car is now the leader of the railway car manufacturing in its area. It is the only company that has managed to achieve the certification, ISO 9001:2008, for almost 20 years in a row. Furthermore, it has won the highest quality TTX SECO award continuously since mid-1990s. With their strong belief in respecting their history and working towards their future with constant determination, they have managed to keep up the leading position in the industry. The company is constantly rising to a new challenge and setting higher bars for themselves to make sure they are staying at the top. The services and products they offer their clients are exemplary. The excellent service has kept their clients happy and constantly coming back for more.

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