Gregory Aziz, the Entrepreneurial Genius

It is passionate and dedicated people that impact the society with amazing life changing inventions. This is exactly what Gregory James Aziz has been able to accomplish as the Chairman, President as well as the CEO of the renown National Steel Car. This is a great company that is a world leader in railroad freight car engineering as well as manufacturing and is located in Ontario, Canada. Gregory Aziz has seen to it that the company lives to its commitment of producing high quality, innovative products for their clients.


Gregory Aziz was born in the beautiful city of London, Ontario in the year 1949, where he had a great upbringing that prepared him for the great successes he has acquired today. He later got enrolled at Ridley College where he successfully completed his course. He thereafter joined the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics. This rich educational background only saw to it that he succeeded as an entrepreneur later on. He also had a chance at acquiring great entrepreneurial skills from his family’s food business.


This company did very well and had a consistent growth over a period of many years importing fresh foods from Central America, Europe as well as South America. These food products were then distributed to fresh food wholesale markets across Eastern Canada as well as the United States. Greg James Aziz would later on organize the buying of National Steel Car in the year 1994. His goal was to be able to turn this company into one of the greatest and leading railroad freight car producer.


Gregory Aziz was able to successfully mobilize the company’s human capital, ensuring that their great team building traits were utilized for the benefit of the company’s growth. In addition to which the great engineering capabilities of the company were exploited to the point of seeing exponential growth to this company. This great resilience by the able leadership of National Steel Car has seen to it that it leads as the best new car innovator company.

The building capacity of this company increased tremendously over the years, in such a manner that they were able to feed the increasing demand of their clients. It is evident that National Steel Car is a trendsetter in this manufacturing field as they have worn many awards over the years. This company showcases what resilience can be able to achieve for any company out there.

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