Guilherme Paulus supports local tourism in Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is the founder of the biggest tour company in Brazil and the whole of Latin America, CVC Tour Company was established in 1972 when Paulus teamed up with a friend known as Carlos Vicente to create the company. Vicente was to provide the initial capital, and Guilherme Paulus was to manage the operations.

What Freedom Checks Are And Similarities To Trump Bonus Checks

Two recent opportunities to build wealth have come up that offer some very high earnings, and unfortunately some skeptics believe they are scams. But both are actually legitimate investments that two experts at Agora Financial and its sister company Banyan Hill have uncovered. They are Trump bonus checks and freedom checks, though both are known

Marc Beer: a Remarkable Healthcare Mogul

Marc Beer is a renowned biotechnologist with more than two decades experience in this field. Beer co-founded Renovia Inc. in 2016, a startup that seeks to improve diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Renovia boasts solicitation of $42 million, which is aimed at propelling the development of new products for the treatment of pelvic

Betsy DeVos And The Importance Of School Choice

When you talk about education reform, it wouldn’t be unkind to assume that your mind first went to liberal or progressive policies. For decades, it has seemed like progressives have been the sole navigators of the educational system. While this is probably not entirely accurate, it serves well enough to paint the portrait that Betsy

Jason Hope: Embracing IoT

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and author. He is one of the people who love technology with a passion. He has recorded success in his work because he loves technology. What he mostly does is to study technology trends and predict which will be the biggest technology in the future. He has done

EOS Lip Balm Review Is “Crystal” Clear

YouTube creator Margaret from “ModVegan” recently reviewed a newer product from Evolution of Smooth (EOS). The newer “Crystal Lip Balm” is a 100% vegan product that is made from 5 ingredients: Shea butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Sunflower Seed oil, and Castor Seed oil. Margaret loved the fact that it was a purely vegan product

Treating Cancer at Tempus Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky who is the founding member of Groupon and the most influential figure in Chicago has decided to donate dollars towards cancer curing and research. Chicago is now aware that since Lefkofsky left his role as the Chief Executive Officer at Groupon he is now working for Tempus a healthcare facility, Tempus is currently

David McDonald – The Success of OSI Group

David McDonald is recognized as the chief labor, employment and human rights lawyer who based in Vancouver. McDonald is highly concerned and actively concerned about working with clients in coming up with various solutions towards employment issues. He specializes in collective bargaining and labor relations. McDonald is also concerned with offering advice in the entire

The Infinity Group Australia Ranked as Top 100 Most Innovative Company

The Australian Finance Review (ARF) has ranked The Infinity Group Australia as top 100 most innovative company in the whole of New Zealand and Australia. Infinity Group Australia was launched in 2013 by Graeme Holm together with his co-founder Rebecca Walker. Not only does the company help Australians to reduce debt, but also manage their